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Since our Independence, this part of the country has been consistently ignored by all the parties and politicians and this is well reflected from the fact that a city like Coimbatore, which is the second largest city in Tamil Nadu and with indomitable private entrepreneurial spirit doesn’t even have one Public Sector Company, doesn’t have proper infrastructural facilities that is due to it. Why are we in this state? This is because of the fact that the political parties that have represented us in the past didn’t have an agenda and didn’t have the vision to develop Coimbatore. This is truly the reason why the people of Kongu Nadu have now come together and started Kongunadu Makkal Desia Katchi.


Kongunadu, especially the rural parts and the suburbs of the Constituency is dependant on Agriculture for the livelihood. It has been a trend of all the political to continuously neglect the rural community time and again. KMDK was started primarily for the welfare of the agricultural community.


As we all know water is the most important resource that is required for our livelihood. Renewed focus needs to taken to establish new sources of water and we must seek to reach a position of water independence. Maintenance and enhancement of water resources must be given the utmost priority.


With the economic downturn, the industries in Kongunadu are suffering heavily. Drastic steps need to be taken to protect their interests. Tax terrorism is an ever present threat for all entrepreneurs and over regulation has lead to a stifling of the entrepreneurial spirit.
The price of fuel and petroleum products places a heavy burden on both the common man and small and medium industries.
MSMEs need to be encouraged to increase production output and proper stimulus and support needs to provided for a recovery of the already depressed economy


Coimbatore is called the manchester of South India. We got this nick name not because of the Government efforts, it is because of the indomitable private entrepreneurial initiatives. If the Government and elected representatives have supported this industry properly, we would have been the World's best now. Some of the initiatives that we will undertake are, uniform cotton pricing, encourage cotton production, Government funded direct export agency etc.

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